Does your flooring need a makeover?



The flooring of your home can greatly impact its overall atmosphere. From deciding the right materials for your everyday traffic to the installation design, our team knows what is appropriate and will guide you through the entire process. We know that your satisfaction is the backbone of our company so we want to do the job right the first time. Our residential flooring services include, but are not limited to: removing existing flooring, whether it be tile, carpet, etc., glue and nail down wood flooring, vinyl click flooring, laminate flooring, installation over existing concrete slab foundations, subfloor building, and many more. So call or email us today with any questions regarding our flooring installation services in Mesa, AZ, and all surrounding cities.





  • Porcelain Tile 
  • Ceramic Tile 

      Ceramic tile flooring is among the most common choices for flooring because of its durability. Here at Home Boost Remodels, we work with some of the finest manufacturers to ensure the consistently high-quality of our work. 

      Among the many benefits of ceramic tile are:

      • Water Resistance
      • Low Maintenance
      • Durability 
      • Hypoallergenic

      Call now for more information or to schedule your ceramic tile floor installation in Mesa, AZ. 

  • Vinyl Planks

      Vinyl plank flooring is a great alternative to natural hardwood—not only is it cheaper to install but also much easier to maintain. Work with our team today to find the perfect vinyl plank floor for you. 

      Advantages of vinyl flooring include:

      • 100% Water Resistance
      • Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean
      • Extremely Durable

      Contact us now to schedule your vinyl plank installation in Mesa, AZ.